2-Buddy-BOX - ROOQ
2-Buddy-BOX - ROOQ
2-Buddy-BOX - ROOQ


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One ROOQ BOX includes:

 2 Sensors

 2 Straps                 

 Charging Case (incl. USB-C Cable) 

 ROOQ App (available for IOS & Android) 

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ROOQ BOX (RQ1) - Tracke deine Boxperformance - ROOQ
ROOQ BOX (RQ1) - Track your boxing performance
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"The boxer who uses this will have a clear advantage."


The sensors are the heart of the ROOQ BOX (RQ1). They record every training session thanks to the latest algorithms and years of high-tech development.

All box-specific movements are automatically recorded by the sensors: Impact power, speed, number of impacts and impact variability. Your sensors can even clearly see what exercise you do during the workout. Regardless of whether Sparring, punching bag, shadow boxing or skipping...

Your sensors know.

ROOQ Charging Case

Innovative wireless design.

Your charging case will be with the in a short time supplied USB-C cable fully charged. Your sensors automatically get their energy back when you put them in the charging case.

The charging case not only charges your sensors, but also connects your sensors to the ROOQ-APPto upload your training data after training.


The reasons for developing the straps are simple:

With your straps, the sensors are secure and, above all, non-slip. Thus, the sensors can safely record your training.

Thanks to the straps, you don't have to laboriously and waste time attach the sensors to your bandages.

So you're ready to go right away.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You don't need a cell phone during training. You can then transfer your training data to the ROOQ app.

We have actively decided against introducing a function that shows you your data live during your training. Simply because the ROOQs were developed to improve boxing & striking. With a live feature you would just be distracted from training and you would definitely not be making any progress.

The purpose of the ROOQs is to record your training, in which you can give 100%, and then analyze your training afterwards.

And let's be honest: your trainer wouldn't like it if you kept checking your phone during training ;)

The ROOQ App is free and is part of the ROOQ Box. Just go to your App/Play Store and search for ROOQ.

Of course! The ROOQs were specially developed for use in boxing.

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