Mobile Charging Station - ROOQ
Mobile Charging Station - ROOQ
Mobile Charging Station - ROOQ

Mobile Charging Station

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ROOQ Ladecase 

  • Single Part of Set ROOQ BOX
  • Fully charge your BOX and sensors before training


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What you need as a ROOQer:

  • Android at least Android 10
  • Apple at least iOS 13
  • Bluetooth-Version  5.0
  • Enjoy boxing and a pinch of ambition


If you are not 100% satisfied, you will get your money back within the first 30 days.


The sensors are the heart of the ROOQ BOX (RQ1). They record every training session thanks to the latest algorithms and years of high-tech development.

All box-specific movements are automatically recorded by the sensors: Impact power, speed, number of impacts and impact variability. Your sensors can even clearly see what exercise you do during the workout. Regardless of whether Sparring, punching bag, shadow boxing or skipping...

Your sensors know.

ROOQ Charging Case

Innovative wireless design.

Your charging case will be with the in a short time supplied USB-C cable fully charged. Your sensors automatically get their energy back when you put them in the charging case.

The charging case not only charges your sensors, but also connects your sensors to the ROOQ-APPto upload your training data after training.


The reasons for developing the straps are simple:

With your straps, the sensors are secure and, above all, non-slip. Thus, the sensors can safely record your training.

Thanks to the straps, you don't have to laboriously and waste time attach the sensors to your bandages.

So you're ready to go right away.

"The boxer who uses this will have a clear advantage."
ROOQ BOX (RQ1) - Track your boxing performance
ROOQ BOX (RQ1) - Track your boxing performance
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The supplied straps have a small pocket for the sensors. sensors with the ROOQ logo side up and the QR code page down into the strap pockets. The straps fit properly when the pockets with the sensors are on the inside of your wrist are and the ROOQ logo is legible for you.

Your ROOQs weigh 12 grams, are 4.2 cm high, 3.2 cm wide and 9 mm thick.

Yes, you should still use the ROOQ Straps so that the sensors are in the right place and the recording is recorded correctly. You can of course also wrap your own bandages over these.

Oh yes, you should!

Your sensors are protected against water jets. That means you can hold them under running water or wipe them off with a wet rag. This will not affect the function of the sensors.

The sensors are tied to an account. This means that you link it to your ROOQ app profile and can always use it for this app account.
Important NOTE:If you want to lend the sensors, you have to unlink yourself from your account. Only after this step can another athlete link them to their own account again. We recommend that you do not share your ROOQs. Because if several athletes train with the same profile, the data will be falsified, since the individual weight of the athlete is taken into account, among other things.

Yes, every workout can be recorded with your ROOQs - no matter where, no matter what time. You only need an internet connection to evaluate your data.

Not yet, but we are already working on further developing our technology.

We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to take advantage of this technology
location approval is essential. The location release serves as a kind of
"Warning" because in this case ROOQ will see your geodata
"could". This is common with all new trackers. We work
but on the highest security standards as far as data protection is concerned.
Your data will not be passed on to any third party or for advertising purposes
used. Also, we only use the ones you voluntarily provide in the app
specified geodata.